Pitman High School Bands

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WATER! WATER! WATER! We need water! If you can donate a case or 2 of COSTCO water bottles we would appreciate it! Bring them down to Monday night Band Practice or text / call Alison Byers at 209-345-8621 about an alternate time to drop them off!


Band Reviews are exciting, fun events where our kids get to display all their hard work and efforts! At each Band Review we can use 20-25 volunteers to help them run smoothly. If you have been wondering how you can help, this is your perfect chance! Whether it be just for one review, or several or all 4, contact Brenda Lovejoy, our volunteer coordinator to sign up!

Here is an example of where we need you to help!

  • Food Prep / Servers (3-4 volunteers needed) ... We serve breakfast and lunch to all students on band review days. The food will be purchased by or donated to the band boosters and brought to the band review. As soon as we arrive at the band review location our volunteers spring into action setting up the food! Breakfast is served before students perform. Lunch is served as soon as the students finish performing.
  • Hair (3-4 volunteers needed) ... All students must have their hair up and or off the collar of their uniform. Many of the girls require their hair to be braided or placed in a high bun that is hidden under their hat.
  • Shoe Shining (3-4 volunteer needed) ... Once the students are in their uniforms, they need their shoes shined.
  • Hats (3-4 volunteers needed) ... All hats need a plume placed in the top and the brim of their hat cleaned and free of fingerprints.
  • Water (5-6 volunteers needed) ... The uniforms are extremely hot. We need to keep the students hydrated while in uniform. Volunteers walk the entire parade route with the students. They watch for signs of students over-heating and and provide assistance if any of the students need to be cooled down.

Pitman H.S. Wind Ensemble performed at Carnegie Hall, N.Y., in March 2016.